LABtoLAB – a European network of media labs

Between 8-10 June 2011 I participated at LABtoLAB@Nantes, a meeting of a European network of media labs. The meeting, now hosted by PiNG, was the last step of a two-years cooperation between several organizations like Constant from Brussels, Medialab-Prado from Madrid and Kitchen Budapest.

During the 3 days planetary sessions and group discussions focused on the role of media labs in offering possibilities for life-long learning. Several members of Kitchen Budapest participated in the events: Attila Nemes joined the discussion entitled Media labs and university : programs-on-demand. Melinda Sipos joined the round table discussion around the topic Residency as a lab. I initiated a wiki sprint, a collaborative writing session dedicated to the creation of the ‘media lab’ article on Wikipedia. This latter was kind of a wrap-up of discussions during LABtoLAB, especially the first meeting in Budapest, about the notion of media lab.

Additionaly, DIY workshops, project demos, performances and concerts where held in various locations in Nantes. I especially liked the performances of Bend me, I’m famousMali MotionCasper Electronics and Screen to screen by Vincent Broquaire. See full program.

I really hope that a sustainable future network can be built on the top of the LABtoLABinitiative with the so many contacts we made during the 2-years program. The LABtoLAB project is supported by the Grundtvig’s Life Long Learning Program.


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