Celebrating the 5th anniversary of Pecha Kucha Night Budapest

Last December we celebrated the 5th birthday of Pecha Kucha Night Budapest! As usually, we enjoyed sexy-quick talks by young architects, designers and artists.

At this time I also delivered a talk  to tell some words about the background of organizing the Pecha Kucha events. I wanted to share some insights of what I think the core values of Pecha Kucha events are. Above that, the numbers just look awesome: 5 years, 26 events, 300 presenters, 4000 slides, 7500 viewers. My talk was accompanied with a video message by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham, founders of Pecha Kucha Night global and architects at Klein-Dytham architecture.

At this very occasion we also organized a party with KÉK, the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre to celebrate. We had some delicious cake and enjoyed a party underlined with the music by DJ Mesterházy who played music at the very first event back in 2006. Hahh, nice memories…


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