Workshop: Technology of Collaboration

As part of The Format Project I lead a workshop next week entitled ‘Technology of Collaboration’. As a satellite program of Singularity University Summit Europe the workshop explores replicable collaborative practices:

Kitchen Budapest recently launched The Format Project which aims to collect, study and present a selection of collaborative formats, models and practices. It explores widely adopted practices of knowledge production, sharing and decision making. The project examines how these formats were born, how they work and how they help practices succeed and spread virally, often exponentially beyond their original contexts, locations and communities.

In the beginning of the workshop, participants will hear from invited speakers how they drive local communities in Budapest and other cities— organized around specific formats, like TEDx, PechaKucha, Restaurant Day, Critical Mass and several others. In the second part of the workshop participants will work in small teams to uncover strategic, motivational and glocal aspects of such formats.

We welcome participants interested in communities, cultural management and social innovation. If you are interested to join, please register at

Where? Design Terminál, Budapest.

When? Thursday, November 14, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.


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