Social Design Cookbook, or recipes of community collaboration

Kitchen Budapest will host an event at Budapest Design Week where I will give a 45-minutes talk about the current state of The Format Project:

Social Design Cookbook, or recipes of community collaboration

What do TEDx, Wikipedia, Critical Mass or the Night of Museums have in common? Research conducted by Kitchen Budapest under the title “Format Project” examines and presents popular formats of collaboration and operating models. A presentation delivered by Attila Bujdosó addresses how these formats are brought about, how they operate, become repeatable, applicable and successful, and why their spread is so viral, irrespective of professional, social and geographical borders. The invited contributors will tell about how they direct or organise the lives of communities in Budapest around a format. Participants of the event will have the first chance to gain insight in the latest project research results, which is why Kitchen Budapest primarily expects participants who are interested in the way communities operate, cultural projects are managed and who are attracted to social innovation.

The event will host talks of mine and invited speakers by  Marietta Le (, Miklós Tamási ( and Gabi Kun (, TBC) and a short roundtable discussion after the talks. All in Hungarian.


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