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I am living in Budapest with my wife and two small kids, 1 and 4 years old. I enjoy living in Budapest despite of the saddening political climate in Hungary—and well, globally. Hence, I think the way people cooperate and collaborate is getting more and more important on any level—on the team level, on the local, societal, global. My goal is to add more design expertise into building better performing social systems.

I am now working on — a meeting minutes tool that helps teams achieve more together by keeping team members better informed, aligned and accountable.

Besides that, I am working on Social Design Cookbook a book that studies replicable formats of social production. For this book I designed Social Design Canvas, a tool to map, analyze and most importantly, obviously, design new social initiatives, processes and systems.

I have some smaller side projects or project ideas that I’d like to push forward, time-allowing:

  • Air project is a speculative art installation where visitors’ exhaled breath is collected. The project addresses issues of ownership, access, collective use of resources and interaction between humans, environment and technology, both technically and socially constructed.
  • I am advising a conference Tech for Social Good that will take place in Budapest in April or May 2017.
  • Developing the conceptual framework for Motivation Architecture. My current definition of motivation architecture is that it describes
 the interrelation of participants, 
their motivations and contributions
 to others and the collective efforts in any social system.