‘Less serious is more’ series

Three series of digital photographs (2004-2006)

With my photographs in the ‘Less serious is more’ series I explored the sacredly*** of architecture. I was a student of architecture at that time and I was highly interested in great buildings by great architects.

I was lucky enough to visit quite a few of them and I always felt some sort of sacrecy ***szakralitás when standing in or in front of the building which I knew from books, magazines or the Internet and desired to visit and experience in its full reality for so long.

At the same time there is quite some desacre*** in this type of architourism. **LINK** Also it is incredibly funny like any way of szenvedély***

‘Less serious is more’ 1: The touched

How it started
The series started in 2004 when first I saw a building by Ando Tadao. It was the Meditation chapel*** in the garden of UNESCO HQ in Paris. I was surprised about the scale of the chapel, I always imagined it was bigger. Of course, this happened because I was looking at photos published in magazines, which prefer clean images and most rarely show people on the photos.

In the end I asked a friend to stay in front of the chapel, so that I can shoot a photo which also explains the scale of the building. Once about scaling, I also went closer to the building to take a photo of the reinforced concrete wall detail, from which you can recognize 99% of Ando’s buildings. I again used something to show the scale of the detail – my hand.

I touched the building and it was a very sacred and very funny moment. I almost felt enlightenment*** felszabadultság by ‘wow, finally I seeing and can even touch Ando’s building’. At the same time I felt like in idiot, who collects photographic evidences of visiting a site. This mixture of two feelings of opposite directions was very deliberating. This is how it started and this mixture of feeling I felt every time I took photos at other buildings.

(I moved to Japan later that year so I had the opportunity to see many other projects by Ando)

‘Less serious is more’ 2: The inhabited

‘Less serious is more’ 3: The jumped

hacked, like skaters hack urban spaces. I don’t think it necessarly is in conflict with the original use, maybe it was just designed badly so that alternative uses can be interpreted as misuses.


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